Jessica. 21. United Kingdom.
Jesus Christ is my saviour, my hero, my first love and who I live to serve. Married to my gorgeous man 21/04/12. I wish I could read all the books I want to read. I like my nails, a lot. I'm really hard on myself. My man is a total keeper. I have a lot of grace for people. I love my curls. I am very naïve. I set myself too many goals in life. I am pretty. I love dressing up. I would love to travel more.

Sunday January 16th - 7:42pm

5. Four things you want to say to four people.

1. I love love love you, you are much more than i deserve and you are the most amazing guy in the world.

2. You are so pathetic and deluded, it amazes me that you still try.

3. Saying “i’m not trying to tell you what to do” is basically telling me what YOU think i should do, when actually you have no idea of my feelings or heart.

4. Why am i here?

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